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I go into the room at 1pm, as arranged, and also you consider me with eyes that are wide. Your entire body shakes somewhat with apprehension as I let you know to sit down on the bed and pull off the clothing of yours. I start a bag and remove a rubber wasp waste corset, very long latex and latex stockings opera gloves. All are vibrant red. I too remove a rubber posture collar, that has a selection of steel' O' rings around it, before instructing you to place them on. The posture collar is four in tall and also stops you from going you head almost totally, it is protected with a heavy buckle. You utilize talcum powder to obtain the tight stockings up the legs of yours.
I next, show you to reach up as large as you are able to and have a deep breath as I sketch the cords tighter on the corset of yours, until I am content. Your waist is pinched tightly creating chest to heaves with each breath. You look gorgeous in tiny latex, if apprehensive. I get started on a rope bondage.

First I have a length of 5mm cord and securely connect one end around only one of the shoulders of yours. Then I bind the rope tightly around the body of yours, right under the breasts of yours, three times before looping it around the many other shoulder of yours and across the back of yours. Its tied off securely on the 1st knot. I next take a different length of cable and tie the center of its to the centre of the rope across the back of yours, the 2 ends are then run ether aspect of the neck of yours, although O rings, moreover printed between the breasts of yours. Each and every end of the rope will be looped though the bindings and bound firmly around the foundation of every breast. When your breasts are anchored, I tie the 2 ropes back as much as the posture collar. A 3rd bit of rope will be linked with the bindings between the breasts of yours and left hanging down the belly of yours, which I am going to used latter. I next apply an additional 2 lengths of rope, a person to bind the wrists of yours behind you too and additional to bind the elbows of yours until they touched. The dangling plot of rope will be run down between the legs of yours also set up over a pulley behind the back of yours. I lift the arms of yours up has extremely high as you can before securely tying the rope to the bound wrists, this making you bend over forwards as much as you are able to with out losing the sense of balance of yours.

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As you attempt to straighten up the rope pulls the arms of yours much greater and pulls tight into the vagina of yours. You've no choice but to remain there, almost bent double. I consider a 3ft spreader bar as well as lock each lower legs to it, as your thighs and legs are distributed, extra strain is used to the crotch of yours and also you beg me being careful with you. I dismiss the request of yours and also consequently buckle a white ball gag into the mouth of yours. It's an additional 2 straps that go as much as a O band over the mind of yours and a different strap secures the behind. The final strap I do set up in under the face of yours and also stops you from moving the ball gag in the mouth of yours in any respect. You try and point out one thing but everything I hear is moan. I next, give consideration to the breasts of yours, they're currently starting to swell together with the small bindings & the blood moving down into them, your nipples are erect and also you moan and also struggle against the bondage of yours as I squeeze it. I finally take my ultimate toy that is a set of nipple clamps with weights hanging on springs. Your eyes widen and you struggle once again as I clip them onto every nipple. But when the weights bounce on the springs the struggles start to be much less and simply moan into the heel gag.

On finishing the bondage of yours I stand again and appreciate your helpless bound body, awaiting me to gratify the person of mine on. It is hot in the home and I are able to see sweat glistening on the body of yours. I try and picture just how sexy and sweaty the tight latex should be, and my cock swells. Your bottom part is rolling out at me with it is tight rope running up the crack of yours. I determine a driving crop, the very first stroke causes you to yell into your battle and gag once more against your bonds... the weights on the springs bob up and down on your tortured nipples. Though you are able to do nothing, you're powerless. Yet another stroke, another and also another.... the stokes fall rhythmically so with no part of the bottom of yours and thighs left untouched. After a couple of mins your bottom is vibrant red and as I massage a little baby oil in it, I senses just how sexy it's touching. Your eyes are shut and you also simply moan in ecstasy. Sweat is dripping from your bound body plus the scent of warm latex is filling the space. I massage the whip handle up between the thighs and legs of yours before licking it. It is discussed in the juices of yours.

Again I position to view you. By this particular time my cock is really so difficult as being almost bursting plus my hart can feel as it is visiting leaping from the chest of mine. I cannot stand up to the entire body of yours for any longer and help you move from behind. My entire body presses hard against yours before I withdraw and ram it home once again. The weights bounce on the springs, stretching out the nipples of yours much much more. You scream in towards the gag. Your breasts have left turned purple. They're today shaped as balloons. It is just minutes before we're both united in a crescendo of orgasm. You are almost too worn out to struggle and more moans originated from behind the small gag. Saliva works from the mouth of yours, all over the heel gag onto the floor. I force a rather long, heavy vibrating dildo into the pussy of yours and lick a bead of sweat from the corset of yours. I then choose to go for a shower. You simply hang there in your chest area heaving, yourself shaking. When I come back and also eliminate the dripping vibrator, you're very vulnerable I've to keep you up as I undo the ropes. I carting you over on the foundation.

You're sleeping as I quietly shut the door.

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Inside I Present: A variety of private filmed and Extreme Amateur BDSM and closeup features of girls in bondage and Private Pain. I am myself and feature other real European Slavegirls in Punishment and Tears. My new movies are all in HD, so you get nNew HD Movies of Amateur Pain, Pain, Humiliation, BDSM and Extreme Perversions.

See me cry, beg and suffer. See my master laugh at my pain. See my mistress telling me what terrible tortures I am about to endure. See it all in my little realm of kinkiness on the web. I dont pretend to be a super model or know all there is to know about bdsm or anything else, so just smack my ass when im wrong ! :) Oh and you might also wanna see me switch and turn the whip on a variety of lesbian slave girls I know. I can be a vicious bitch too and love to have a female in my hands for a kinky session, a harsh whipping or some intimate BDSM fun in the bedroom. Subbing will always be my main thing but I do have a sadistic streak hidden somewhere

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