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Note: I am Nimue. A lifestyle Slavegirl from England. I have recently gotten this site and domain to use for my private s&m things. Of course I really hope you will stay, send me a mail with your thoughts on my site, on dominance and submission or with your own homemade bdsm. But, If you are looking for the slaves who lived here previously, look elsewhere - I cant help. I plan to keep some links and maybe some photos or videos as thank you for the domain that wasnt used anymore, but apart from that it will all self indulgent - about me me me me ...oh and some my submissive friends as well if they dare to have their crying faces shown to the world.. But I hope you enjoy my adventures in pain and suffering, see me in bedroom bondage and laugh as I cry from my harsh and merciless punishments. I enjoy it all. Dont be fooled. Its a special experience to give yourself to somebody. Let them do exactly what sadistic things they want to your body and mind. Looking up at a sadist through crying eyes, knowing the worst is still to come. It can barely be described. But for a masochist like me, the experience is heaven. I prefer to keep the experiences real, raw and unedited - so you may sometimes see me in action without makeup or with ugly morning hair, consider it a feature not a bug. Lifestyle bdsm and 24/7 slavery isnt a fetish fashion show. Its real pain for hungry masochists whenever the master calls.

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Inside I Present: A variety of private filmed and Extreme Amateur BDSM and closeup features of girls in bondage and Private Pain. I am myself and feature other real European Slavegirls in Punishment and Tears. My new movies are all in HD, so you get nNew HD Movies of Amateur Pain, Pain, Humiliation, BDSM and Extreme Perversions.

See me cry, beg and suffer. See my master laugh at my pain. See my mistress telling me what terrible tortures I am about to endure. See it all in my little realm of kinkiness on the web. I dont pretend to be a super model or know all there is to know about bdsm or anything else, so just smack my ass when im wrong ! :) Oh and you might also wanna see me switch and turn the whip on a variety of lesbian slave girls I know. I can be a vicious bitch too and love to have a female in my hands for a kinky session, a harsh whipping or some intimate BDSM fun in the bedroom. Subbing will always be my main thing but I do have a sadistic streak hidden somewhere

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Filming Your First BDSM Experience

Having the first BDSM experience can be stressful as it is, but the idea of filming it can be mind-blowing. Or is it? If you don’t like the experience, you can always delete the video, but what if you end up liking it and having the time of your life? I was thinking about this for a long time before I had my first real BDSM experience

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Filming Your First BDSM Experience - Yes or No ?

Females in pain
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Come Inside for Amateur BDSM, Homemade S&M, Private Spanking Sessions and Female Pain
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Girl Girl Belly Punching

Belly Punching Chubby Amateur Slavegirl Andrea

Girl girl belly punching of chubby amateur slave girl Andrea in bondage with Mistress Nimues hard fists digging into her fat tummy and solar plexus causing poor Andrea to scream in pain, loose all breath and choke

Tied up Andrea Punched by Nimue


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Females in pain

There are many reasons to punish your slavegirl. She may have been cheeky. She may have lied. Maybe you just fancy to play. Unlike the vanilla world it is the masters right to make decisions for you. Punish you. For something. Or nothing. Its how I like it as a sub. I am happy to hand over power completely to masters and mistresses I trust. And trust is what its all about. When you trust your master you can let go. Drift away into subspace. And enjoy even the hardest tortures he might bring to your powerless body. Most people would hate that. Thats why S&M isnt for them. But please let us who do love it live out our fantasies, grab the pleasures of pain and consensually let ourselves torture beyond anything a normal person would wish for his enemy.

Pure and simple we have the most vicious and artistc Amateur BDSM photos and videos of lifestyle fetish lovers and bondage slave girls in extreme s&m, restrained and dominated or tormented for sadistic please. Follow our inhouse 24/7 slavegirl Nimue in strict Amateur and see her suffer in the dungeon when she is punished. She loves pain, she loves bondage. See the private bondage footage and Bondage free pictures with all fetish and BDSM galleries of Nimue and other slave girls in intense types of kink. We love Amateur bondage, cruel Amateur bdsm, extreme english Amateur fetish. We provide you, free bdsm and guide you to where you can get the full length movies of these slavesluts. Dont miss our bdsm pictures. We are all about, bdsm porn and go to great lengths to. Kinky Amateur sex and brutal bdsm go hand in hand in our wild fetish pictures from private dungeons in Tentacle Sexgalleries and Extreme BDSM from ShadowSlaves.com

Females in pain

Come Inside for Amateur BDSM, Homemade S&M, Private Spanking Sessions and Female Pain
Entrance To Female Pain

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